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Q:  Can I use your art for a RP (on any other site or dA itself)?

Answer:  No, I'm sorry.  I don't grant anybody permission to use my art, not even my closest friends.

Q:  Can I make prints/t-shirts/posters/icons/etc. with your art?

A:  No.  Even if it's just for yourself and you're not making a profit out of it, I still don't give you my permission.

Q:  Can I alter your art in any way for a collage, school project, my own drawing, etc.

A:  No, I'm sorry..

Q:  Can I use your art in any way?

A:  I'm really sorry, but no..

Q:  Can I photoshop off the watermark and---

A:  Stop right there.  No, no, and no.  That is stealing and I will prosecute you if I have to.  

I'm really sorry, everybody, but I just don't feel comfortable having anybody but myself use my art in any way/shape/form.  

If you have an idea, draw the idea yourself.  I have a saying in life:  Draw the art you want to see.  

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments if you don't see the answer you were looking for.


L'il Loki Laufeyson
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Copyright 5 by Th3EmOo
Do Not Repost Button by Mel-Rosey

AU Loki RP account

As punishment for his acts on Midgard, Loki has been age regressed to a young infant and banished from Asgard.

Loki is at the equivalent age of a human three-four month-old baby, yet he doesn't quite act like it at times. He still ages like an Asgardian (he remembers he's a Jotun and he is quite sensitive on the subject), so the aging process could take years for him to reach another month of age.

He still remembers who he is/was and what he has done. He doesn't like to be reminded of his defeat, yet he is willing to talk about it.

Loki can speak (not when certain adults are around, though) and act like his former self, yet with some infant mannerisms. He tries to be controlling and fearsome, only to come across as "cute" to most mortals he encounters. Once he gets to know people better, he lets his newfound infant personality show to its fullest and doesn't mind being "cute". He remembers how to read, write, and spell words, so using Pig Latin to say "nap time" won't work on him. Sorry ;)

Powers and Abilities
Loki can shapeshift into anything he wants, including his older self. However, his magic is very weak and limited, so his conjurings and the forms he assumes wear off in a matter of seconds.

Current Relationship With The Avengers
Loki is able to get along with pretty much the entire team, give or take Tony or Thor. He hates their guts.. ;)

Other Information
Contrary to popular belief, the trickster loves to be cuddled (;)). Loki will do anything for a bottle of milk and he has recently found enjoyment in having his belly rubbed. Be warned that he does get lonely and clingy at times, especially when he is left alone for a while.

dA Family
:iconpeaceluvhope1997: - Mother
Mun - Father
:iconcosmic-eevee: - Unwilling Babysitter
:iconanonzic: - Nanny
AWWWWW! by Femalefonzie I also RP as baby!comic!Loki from that one particular Thor and the Warriors 4 comic.. Just ask if you want to RP with him instead of MCU!Baby!Loki, but be warned: He's a bit more snarky and less cuddly than MCU!baby!Loki..

The same goes for the Loke of Valhalla comics fame. I RP him as a baby or an adult, too.

no requests-stamp by Bilianna
Requests - Friends Only by SweetDuke
Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke
Anti Thorki Stamp by FallenKaja



Note: This user only Role-plays in English.
Note: This user does not ship Thorki, Frostiron, or any other malexmale or incest shippings. I'm not homophobic, I just prefer to keep the men as friends (or in the case of Thor and Loki, adoptive brothers).
- I refuse to role-play with people that send me a starter before I can approve the role-play. I also will decline any role-play starter that is from users who spam my drawings.
- I'm an OC friendly blog, but Mary Sues won't be tolerated
- I am selective in choosing my RP partners. I have every right to decline if I get a prompt I don't like.
- Please do not ask to RP with me if you have extremely poor grammar (ex: i dont want 2 OR omg!!!!11!! you're bby loki iz sooooo cute lol) or the worst "OMG LOOOOOOOOOOOL." Are you literally asking for me to ignore you? You should also know the difference between "your" and "you're" and the "there/their/they're" rules. Proper capitalization is also key! This literally drives the Mun insane.
- Do not reply to any replies I sent to other people! This is rude and rather nosey!

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